Wow! Amazingly unexpected trip to lecture at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO at the beginning of May.  The audience consisted mainly of scientists and researchers, who as a whole were way out of my league in terms of their brilliance. But the focus of my time there was spent on how to operate during periods of uncertainty, brand development and networking – something we can seemingly all relate to in this day and age.  It’s amazing, regardless of field or area of focus, that many of us are facing the same challenges across industry. Scientists in Boulder are facing similar obstacles as student activists in the South.  Marketing experts are explaining the same sets of new challenges as serial entrepreneurs who no longer have access to the resources of past years.  My favorite interaction of the day, aside from being escorted around the beautiful campus by my brilliant host Matt Hirschland, was with a young researcher who was married to the concept that you need “a lot of money” to start a company.  I don’t know if I convinced her, and certainly agreed that it costs a lot of money to start some companies, but I introduced the concept of the “postage stamp patent,” which raised more than a few eyebrows in the room.  Fantastic questions, as always, and I learned a lot about a space that I am not traditionally familiar with, which is always a most-welcome bonus.  Amazing to spend time with such a bright group of folks, and always fantastic to visit the gorgeous Boulder, CO.  I hope to be back soon, particularly to more closely examine UCAR’s state-of-the-art telescope!