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Atmospheric Research Lecture

Wow! Amazingly unexpected trip to lecture at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO at the beginning of May.  The audience consisted mainly of scientists and researchers, who as a whole were way out of my league in terms of their brilliance. But the focus of my time there was spent on how [...]

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MIT Lecture – Social Entrepreneurship

I had the incredible honor of speaking to a group of graduate students and entrepreneurs at MIT on April 24.  The Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurshipis, in my view, one of the    most cutting-edge forums for progressive thought and innovation when it comes to international business, social impact and finding ways to create baselines [...]

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Speaking in Belgium

I had an amazing time visiting Brussels, Belgium, recently to address a crop of student social entrepreneurs from around the world who are focused on food systems and disruptive innovation.  I always say that I usually end up learning more from the individuals in the audience then anyone could ever learn from me, and this [...]

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Start Something that Matters Blog

Very excited to have a guest blog post on Blake Mycoskie’s blog for Start Something that Matters.  Thanks to TOMS and Blake for inviting me to contribute.  The post can be read here.  TOMS embodies everything thatShake the World is about. Honored to be included… More to come!

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60 Seconds with the New York Post

A fun little Q&A with the New York Post.  A few slight misquotes, but in everyone’s defense I did the interview in a car on the way to the airport and service was cutting in and out – so, in the grand scheme of things, Brian should get bonus points for even being able to [...]

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Social Justice/Activism Conference

Students in Wyoming set to Shake the World This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of extremely forward-thinking college students and activists in Wyoming.  Topics ranged from sustainable activism to child trafficking to environmental issues and beyond – the eclectic mix served as a fantastic framework for dialogue [...]

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Sunday’s New York Daily News…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to check in as the last few weeks have been incredibly busy, including a mind-blowing impact event in Squaw Valley with some amazing friends and  colleagues.  Settled back into NYC before heading out for some university speeches, but was pleasantly surprised to see this from about [...]

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NYC Media Launch…

A massive Thank You to  Matthew Bishop of The Economist and Shaifali Puri of Scientists Without Borders for organizing and hosting a privateShake the World book launch at The Back Room in New York City this past Monday night.  We had over 200 brilliant members of the New York media and leadership scene on-hand, and [...]

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LA Times Review Today

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a bunch of emails about today’s review of Shake the World in the Los Angeles Times.  The best part is I had no idea the review was running, so all of the emails were a welcome way to start the day.  There are some great quotes from [...]

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