Students in Wyoming set to Shake the World

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of extremely forward-thinking college students and activists in Wyoming.  Topics ranged from sustainable activism to child trafficking to environmental issues and beyond – the eclectic mix served as a fantastic framework for dialogue and open discourse.  After the keynote I chatted with dozens of students and faculty about their individual goals, their view on their role in a global society, and how they are affecting change.  I’m consistently pleased that, regardless of where I go or the people I talk to, everyone seems to be opting-in to the concept of intentional entrepreneurship and embracing borderless world theory.

The folks in Wyoming were lovely hosts, and I left the event having learned more from the audience than they ever could have learned from me.  I also ran an experiment involving the definition of success and how we attain it, which I will likely be sharing on either this blog or on the Huffington Post in the coming weeks.

Overall, an amazing and inspirational event that I was proud to be a part of.  We need more events like this one – gatherings of individuals who are concerned about the greater good, not solely their own personal bottom-line.  Thanks to everyone who arranged and attended the conference – I look forward to continuing this dialogue with many of you in the coming weeks.  More to come, as always.