I had an amazing time visiting Brussels, Belgium, recently to address a crop of student social entrepreneurs from around the world who are focused on food systems and disruptive innovation.  I always say that I usually end up learning more from the individuals in the audience then anyone could ever learn from me, and this was certainly no exception.  Aside from there being some astoundingly intelligent and forward-thinking Millenials in attendance, I had the privilege of getting to serve as a “Social Entrepreneurship Mentor” alongside my buddy Sebastian Lindstrom, who is brilliant in every sense of the word.  So, over the course of the day, we got to work on creative projects with the students, learn about their experiences, the goals they have and the challenges they are facing in each of their respective spaces.  We also got to play with Legos, which is categorically always awesome regardless of the reason.

Events like this always excite me as they are free-form and allow me to learn from those around me.  Thanks to Syngenta for organizing the Thought For Food Challenge (#TFFchallenge) and I trust that this is the first step in a series of conversations and projects to come as Syngenta continues to push boundaries internally.  Thanks to the amazing folks who put this all together and for providing a forum for free thought and discussion around some of the most important issues of our time.