James regularly gives keynote speeches and conducts workshops with a wide variety of audiences, ranging from colleges and universities to corporations, nonprofits, and community groups, among others.  While he tailors each presentation to the specific needs and interest of the audience, some popular speaking topics are listed below.  For speaking inquiries, please contact: speaking@shaketheworldbook.com

Popular Speaking Topics:

It’s Not About Finding a Job, It’s About Creating a Life

We’ve landed in a new place. In terms of education, in terms of generational expectations, and certainly in terms of the job market. In this presentation, Reilly explores the concept that the job market isn’t nearly as bad as statistics and the media would have us think. Instead, he argues, a combination of variables including new unemployment regulations, the rebirth of the small business, and a shift in corporate hiring practices have simply left many people feeling a bit lost in the woods. It’s not that great jobs are no longer out there, but simply that the way to find them has changed. Based on his research and interviews, Reilly examines current conditions and what we can all do to capitalize on the opportunities that are sitting right in front of us—even those we may not know exist.

Too Good to Fail

We have entered an era in which business and philanthropy have met head on, resulting in new forms of social currency and opening the door for a new breed of company. Based on his work with top social entrepreneurs, Reilly explores how this generation is changing capitalism for the better —creating, in the process, new marketplaces and new opportunities as capitalism is harnessed for global good. Learn why “for profit” can trump “non profit” and lead to sustainable change, as it allows us to harness our consumer dollars for the greater good. What does this sociological and attitudinal shift mean for your existing company, or for those who are in, or about to enter, the workforce? Absolutely everything. In this presentation, Reilly shows us not simply the how, but thewhy.

The Next Big Bang and the Expansion of Your Universe (Or Splitting the Networking Atom)

The exothermic power of networking offers the ability to build a company, or propel a brand, with unprecedented speed and with a remarkable return on investment. Yet very few people know how to build an effective network because there is no precise or definitive formula to do so. Effective networking is a subtle art, not an exact science. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned. How are the most effective people and companies harnessing the exothermic power of our instant, global, one-touch world, and what can we learn from their approach? What strategies provide the fastest route to build a powerful network and leverage it to facilitate extraordinary success? And why do some people, and some companies, seem to make a high speed, high results connection, while others stagnate at dial-up speed and poor results?

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